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I have authored or coauthored 65 scientific articles and 77 research abstracts (see Recent Highlights for the latest ). A number of these publications are with investigators in other laboratories. Our collaborative projects were on sheep, goats, deer, cattle, swine, humans and the American Kestrel (a small falcon).

I am deeply grateful to the many students, technicians, research assistants and colleagues who have worked with me over the years. Our combined efforts have enabled my laboratory to make a significant contribution to the vast pool of scientific literature. And...some of the best is yet to come!

Articles 1-10

1: Dickson KA, Sanford LM. Breed diversity in FSH, LH and testosterone regulation of testicular function and in libido of young adult rams on the southeastern Canadian prairies. Small Ruminant Research (2005) 56, 189-203   [Abstract]

2: Sanford LM, Price CA, Leggee DG, Baker SJ, Yarney TA. Role of FSH, numbers of FSH receptors and testosterone in the regulation of inhibin secretion during the seasonal testicular cycle of adult rams. Reproduction (2002) 123, 269-280  [Abstract]

3: Price CA, Cooke GM, Sanford LM. Influence of season and low-level oestradiol immunoneutralization on episodic LH and testosterone secretion and testicular steroidogenic enzymes and steroidogenic acute regulatory protein in the adult ram. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility (2000) 118, 251-262  [Abstract]

4: Sanford LM, Moore C, Voglmayer JK, Fahmy MH. Sexual maturational changes in circulatory inhibin concentration in relation to FSH concentration and testicular size in Suffolk and DLS rams. Theriogenology (2000) 54, 719-730   [Abstract]

5: Langford GA, Sanford LM, Marcus GJ, Shrestha JNB. Seasonal cyclic pituitary and testicular activities in rams. Small Ruminant Research (1999) 33, 43-53   [Abstract]

6: Langford GA, Shrestha JNB, Sanford LM, Marcus GJ.  Reproductive hormone levels of early postpubertal ram lambs in relation to breed, adult testis size and semen quality. Small Ruminant Research (1998) 29, 225-231   [Abstract]

7: Sanford LM, Voglmayr JK, Vale WW, Robaire B. Photoperiod-mediated increases in serum concentrations of inhibin, FSH and LH are accentuated in adult shortened-scrotum rams without corresponding decreases in testosterone and estradiol. Biology of Reproduction (1993) 49, 365-373  [Abstract]

8: Yarney TA, Sanford LM. Pubertal development of ram lambs: physical and endocrinological traits in combination as indices of post-pubertal reproductive function. Theriogenology (1993) 40, 735-744  [Abstract]

9: Squire RST, Greenwood JV, Sanford LM. Usefulness of synthetic Mimetic ligands in establishing an affinity chromatography procedure for purifying estradiol antibody in sheep serum: potential application in regulating fertility of the ram. Journal of Reproductive Immunology (1993) 23, 207-217  [Abstract]

10: Melnyk PM, Sanford LM, Robaire B. Moderate increases in peripheral blood estradiol concentration in the adult ram do not directly inhibit testosterone secretion. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (1992) 70, 1384-1391  [Abstract]



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