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Our 65th scientific article was published in the June issue of Small Ruminant Research (volume 77, pages 1-10). The paper entitled Prolactin regulation of testicular development and sexual behavior in yearling Suffolk rams was coauthored with a former graduate student, Mrs. Kathleen Dickson.  [Abstract]


A popular article on Reproductive patterns in the West African Dwarf goat on the Canadian prairies was published in the October issue of the online newsletter of the International Goat Association (IGA). I describe in this historical note an extensive research project that I was involved in at the University of Manitoba, along with the two principal investigators Dr. Martyn Palmer and Dr. Borden Howland.   [Article]

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Borden Howland



It was my pleasure to serve as a member of the Editorial Board for Small Ruminant Research, the official journal of the IGA. This rather unique journal publishes scientific articles on goats, sheep, deer, the New World camelids (e.g. llama, alpaca) and the Old World camels. Articles cover a wide range of topics relating to nutrition, physiology, genetics, behavior, management and health.



Dr. Thaddeus Yarney (Clinical Research Institute of Montréal) gave a joint paper at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction held in Madison, Wisconsin in July. The title of the paper was Selective changes in FSH receptor mRNA transcripts mediate FSH regulation of season increase in inhibin secretion in rams.


I gave an invitational paper at the National Symposium on Sheep Research and Technology Transfer held in Guelph, Ontario in October. The title of the paper was Endocrine mechanisms regulating seasonal changes in gonadal function and fertility in sheep. The talk focused on research that was funded by my NSERC grant during the years 1990-94.


Dr. Christopher Price (Université de Montréal) presented a joint paper at the Society for the Study of Fertility Annual Conference held in Nottingham, England in July. The paper was entitled Evidence for oestradiol regulation of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein mRNA in ram testis. Dr. Price received the Walpole Prize for having presented the best paper by a young investigator.

Dr. Chris Price (left) and students


I gave a research presentation at the Annual Meeting for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine held in Boston, Massachusetts in November. The multiauthored paper was entitled Central role of FSH secretion and testicular receptors, and absence of a paracrine effect of testosterone in the regulation of inhibin secretion in adult male sheep.

Dr. Thad Yarney and Dr. Chris Price were two of several colleagues involved in my research program during my final years at McGill University. They, along with Dr. Josef Voglmayr (University of Tennessee) and Dr. Gerard Cooke (Health Canada, Ottawa), contributed to basic studies on FSH, LH and estrogen regulation of testicular function in rams. The focus was on the glycoprotein hormone inhibin and on the gene expression and activity of rate-limiting proteins in testosterone biosynthesis (see Scientific Articles 2-4 and 7).

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