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Research Synopsis 1

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Areas of investigation

Research in my laboratory has centered on:

  1. the endocrine regulation of testicular growth in ram lambs and adults;
  2. sex differences in neuroendocrine mechanisms in the brain responsible for seasonal infertility in sheep;
  3. the influence of genetic makeup on ram sexuality and relationships between lamb and adult reproductive traits; and
  4. various environmental factors that may affect reproductive processes in the adult ram.

We have also examined seasonality in reproduction in boars, roosters and drakes. Specific areas of research and highlights of some of our findings are given in the next three pages.

Our aim has been to develop a deeper understanding of reproductive processes in the male andthus provide new opportunities to improve fertility and reproductive efficiency.


Ram spermatozoa in diluted semen under
the microscope. In Salamon's "Artificial
Insemination of Sheep and Goats".

    Photograph by Ian Britton

Our desire has been to contribute to the greater good of animal science, and the sheep industry in particular. Hopefully we have!


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