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Workplace and Meeting Photos

This first section of Scrapbook Memories features people who worked in my laboratory during my last few years at McGill University. Candid photographs were taken in the workplace, including the animal facilities where our sheep were kept, and at several scientific meetings. Each person's contribution to the research program, whether it was bleeding sheep, conducting hormone assays, tabulating research data or simply washing glassware, was a valuable part of our success.

Click on each photo to enlarge.

'90 Natalie (student) observing the "fine art"
of taking blood.

'91 Lee taking a welcome break from writing.

'91 Donna (assistant) working on a
hormone assay.

'91 Donna wondering what project to start next.

'92 Lin and Isabelle (students) collecting
a blood sample.

'92 A brief time for lunch between
blood collections.

'92 Lee with students on Parliament Hill
in Ottawa.

'93 Julie and Judy (students) discuss research.

'94 Lee warming up for a
poster presentation.

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