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Waldec-U Lesa Farm Photos

This second section of Scrapbook Memories highlights two of several visits to Waldec-U Lesa Experimental Farm in La Conception, Québec. Waldec-U Lesa Farm is owned and operated by Recochem Inc., an international petrochemical company with head offices in Montreal. The company's founder and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Joseph Kuchar, has maintained a world-class herd of Haflinger horses on the farm for nearly 25 years. The Haflinger is a small, gentle and friendly, sure footed and hard working horse that originated in the Austrian Alps.

My association with Waldec-U Lesa Farm began in 1989 when I supervised a student research project on the stallions in the herd. My interactions with Mr. Kuchar and his staff during various research and consulting projects have been academically enriching and memorable. Photographs are courtesy of Mr. Joseph Kuchar.

Click on each photo to enlarge.

'90 The preferred way to travel at
Waldec-U Lesa Farm.

'90 Julie (student) and Donna (assistant) enjoying the tour.

'90 The tour is over, our compliments
to the team.

'90 Mr. Joseph Kuchar, our guide
and gracious host.

'94 Precision riding of Haflinger horses
in the arena.

'94 Enjoying a luncheon with other guests
after the show.

Haflingers at Waldec-U Lesa Farm
by Connie Grisley.

Haflingers at Waldec-U Lesa Farm
 by Connie Grisley.

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