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A Word About Shepherds


Much of the success in my career I attribute to having trained with people who displayed the "leading and guiding" qualities of a good shepherd. Dr. Gordon King (M.Sc. supervisor), Dr. Martyn Palmer (Ph.D. supervisor) and Dr. Borden Howland (postdoctoral supervisor) all played a major role in shaping my academic life.

Mr. Phil Stoess and Mr. Jack Woodhouse (University of Manitoba) and Mr. Chris Wilson (McGill University) were among the actual shepherds who cared for the sheep used in my research. These men appreciated and respected sheep, and provided an invaluable service to my program.

"Jesus and the Lamb"
© 1982 Katherine Brown

Most of all, I am thankful that The Good Shepherd placed this calling on my life. He first led me to the right high school where the cornerstone of my education was laid. He then led me to the right people at the right universities at the right time to ensure that the building on this foundation was appropriate. In my academic pursuits, I have had the privilege of catching a few glimpses of how a part of His Creation works. This has been exciting, humbling and truly an honor, for which I am very grateful.

I have fond memories indeed of attending a small seaside chapel on Cape Ann in Massachusetts. It was there more than 50 years ago that I first began to understand some of the eternal truths about The Good Shepherd. I still stand amazed when I think of how He, the Lord Jesus, the very Son of the living God, the Creator Himself, has laid down His life for the sheep. I exclaim with the hymn writer, "Love divine, all loves excelling!"

Drawing by a Cape Ann Artist

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