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During my 17 years on staff, I taught mainly undergraduate and graduate level courses in reproductive physiology (mammalian and avian species). I have also had the privilege of lecturing to students in the dental hygiene program and in the diploma program in agriculture. I have supervised seven masters students, two doctoral students and one postdoctoral fellow. Most of these people now teach or work in industry. One former student holds a professorial appointment.


My research program prospered during my tenure at both universities. I enjoyed strong grant support from governmental agencies for studies on reproduction in sheep, swine and avian species (see Research Synopsis). I have always had very capable technicians and research assistants working in the laboratory along with the students. Several of my graduate students were awarded stipends from provincial and university scholarship programs. The major sources of funding are gratefully acknowledged below.
  • Medical Research Council of Canada
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Agriculture Canada
  • Manitoba Department of Agriculture
  • Conseil des Recherches et Services Agricoles du Québec
  • McGill Centre for the Study of Reproduction

Research has focused on basic and applied studies with sheep, primarily on the ram. Rams initially came from the sheep flock maintained at the University of Manitoba, and subsequently from the Agriculture Canada research flock in La Pocatière, Québec. The highly prolific, good natured Finnish Landrace sheep was used in several of our early studies in Manitoba. Sheep of the newly developed DLS (Dorset-Leicester-Suffolk) breed were donated by Agriculture Canada for use in our later studies in Québec.

Photograph by Ian Britton

Photograph by Ian Britton

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